Through My Lens

Original Art, Candid, Landscape, And Street Photography

And Other Odds And Ends That Catch My Eye

All photographs are my own.

©Wil Trickey

Black Eyed Susan In The Clouds

Double Exposure / Cross Processing

©Wil Trickey


Summer Thunderstorms

©Wil Trickey


I Love and Miss you Every Day.

I Hate Alzheimer’s. I Hate it with every fiber of my Soul! My Heart is Broken because it’s taken my Mom away from me, from all of us! It’s robbed her both physically as well as mentally. My Heart breaks every time she panics, gets confused, and doesn’t remember. I’m heartbroken at how frail she’s become.

I long for the moments of clarity she has, no matter how fleeting. Like when she says “I Love You Too”.  I Love the moments when she says my name and states “We have such a beautiful family”.

I Love You Mom. I Miss you, Every Day.

Canopy Reflection

©Wil Trickey

Moving Off

Summer Thunderstorm

©Wil Trickey

©Wil Trickey